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Asbestos is extremely hazardous if you suspect it exists call our Long Island home inspectors to schedule a home inspection today.

Asbestos is a mineral that is very resistant to heat and chemical decomposition. This made it ideal for use in thousands of different products. The problem with asbestos is that when asbestos is ingested through the mouth or nose it has been known to cause various cancers and therefore considered a carcinogen.
Asbestos in some form can usually be found in older homes built before the seventies. The most common place to find asbestos is associated with the heating system. Asbestos was used as insulation on heating pipes, duct work, boilers, and furnaces. This type of insulation is usually friable (able to crumble and cause asbestos dust). Where possible, the asbestos should be either encapsulated or removed. This should always be done by a professional to avoid contamination of other parts of the home. Your engineer will be able to point out if there are any asbestos hazards that should be addressed.

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