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" Termites can be a real problem for homeowners. You should consider a Long Island termite inspection or New York City termite inspection depending on your locale. Read more about termites and the problems they cause below… "

Termites are insects that eat wood. They live in the ground in a colony and venture out to find a food source. They do not live in the wood they eat and must return to the colony or they will die. Termites need a lot of moisture to survive. They become a problem when they try to consume the wood in a house or garage as food. As they live in the ground, most termite damage is confined to the basement and first floor of a house. It is very rare that termite damage is found on the second floor.


There are several steps a homeowner can do to minimize the chances of termite infestation.


  • As termites need moisture, improved drainage around the foundation will go a long way in prevention.

  • Minimize wood to earth contact. Do not put any wood directly into contact with the dirt. The wood will absorb moisture and give the termites a path to enter the house.

  • Do not store wood outside against the house. Wood piles for fireplaces should be raised above the dirt and stored away from the house.

Termites can be very hard to detect as they can be inside of walls, behind cabinets, and in places that a homeowner may never look. At Sure Check Home Inspections, we are licensed by the EPA for termite inspections and include a termite inspection on an FHA form with every inspection.

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