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"An inspection of your whole house electric can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Call our Home inspection experts today."

ELECTRICAL INSPECTION: Most houses today are wired 100 to 200 amps and are 220 volts. The amperage is the amount of power coming into the house while 220 volts means that there are 3 wires coming into the electrical panel from the utility company. There are very few houses today that have only 110 volts coming into the panel.

Whether or not the electrical service is sufficient is determined by many factors such as:

  • Is there gas in the house or are all the appliances electric?

  • Is the wiring well distributed?

  • Is it circuit breakers or fuses?

  • Is there any aluminum wiring or old knob and tube wiring?

  • Do you plan on putting an addition to the home?

All local building departments require that a licensed electrician do any wiring in a home and that it is inspected by the Fire Underwriters. In reality after a house has been built and inspected a homeowner my do some electrical work themselves or hire an unlicensed electrician to do some work. Our engineering staff will look at your electrical service and wiring and determine if it is sufficient or if there are defects that need to be addressed.

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