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" If you have a wet basement it is a good idea to have it inspected for mold and other issues by a professional NY home inspector. Read more about wet basements below. "

Most basements are not waterproof or do they need to be. Most basements are damp proof. If the ground water table is above the level of the basement floor then it requires that the basement be waterproofed. As to thoroughly waterproof a basement is very expensive most builders of residential homes and small commercial buildings will not build below the water table.

What are the causes of a wet basement? Most of the time the cause can be poor exterior drainage around the foundation. Rain water or water from melting snow that is allowed to accumulate around the foundation will eventually find its way into the basement. Other causes of water entering a basement can be from foundation cracks, around pipe penetrations, poor sealing basement windows and doors, leaky pipes or even a high water table. Recent construction in an area can sometimes cause an existing water table to rise flooding basements.

To stop water from entering a basement seal all foundation cracks and pipe penetration with a good silicon caulking or hydraulic cement. Improve the exterior drainage around the foundation so that water does not drain to the house. Install splash blocks at the base of all down spouts. Replace poorly sealing windows and doors. Install rain covers over all window wells. If water continues to enter the basement have an engineer evaluate the possible causes and make recommendations as to solving the problem.

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