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" f you need a structural analysis then our New York home inspectors are just what the doctor ordered. Read more to find about Structure analysis. "

The structure can be considered the bones of a house. The structural components are typically made up of wood, brick, concrete, steel in any number of combinations and are what makes the house stand up and the floors able to support weight without sagging. All of the structural components in a house or building should have been designed by a licensed engineer or a registered architect. This will ensure that the structure meets local building codes. Some older homes may have been built prior to the establishment of local building codes. This does not mean they are unsound. An engineer or architect should evaluate the home before any changes are made. We at Sure Check have inspected homes as old as 400 years to brand new construction.
In many cases problems are found in a home that are caused by a homer who either does work himself or hires a contractor to make alterations without any engineering such as removing a structural wall, enlarging a door opening or installing a heavy granite counter in a kitchen. Other causes of structural problems can be design error in the original plans, poor quality of workmanship, insect infestation, defective material, water or fire damage. Structural defects can sometimes be seen almost immediately or may take years to become apparent. A pre-purchase home inspection by a Licensed Professional Engineer can find these problems before they become your problems.

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