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" Inspection of your plumbing is also very crucial. After all leaky pipes can lead to serious water damage that is sometimes a lot of work to fix. Our Professional Home inspectors can offer insight read more below! "

The plumbing in any house can be divided into water lines and drain lines. The water lines are usually made up of copper or brass pipe while the drain lines are cast iron, galvanized iron or plastic. Much of the plumbing in a house can not readily be seen as it is hidden inside walls and ceilings. When a pipe starts to leak it is usually a slow drip at first and can be detected as a small water stain on a ceiling or wall. Other problems with the plumbing can be improperly pitched pipes, cracked or rotted pipes, improperly vented drain lines or just an old fashioned clog. Water and drain lines must be of the correct size for the number of bathrooms and sinks to properly function. Pipes that are too small will result in poor water pressure or overflowing drain lines

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