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" A foundation inspection can be a very important part of overall home inspection process. Ask our Professional Home inspectors about this. "

The foundation is what the house sits on and what connects the house to the ground. Soil varies greatly in its ability to hold weight. If you were to build a house on the ground without a proper foundation the house would probably settle, crack and eventually fall down. There are many different types of foundations such as Concrete, brick, stone, rubble, and piles. Each foundation is designed to support the house or building on the ground without settling.

Problems with a foundation can be caused by external changes such as a water condition due to poor drainage, changes in the building such as adding an addition, poor design, workmanship or materials. Foundation problems can be quite costly to repair. Only a Licensed Professional Engineer should inspect a foundation to determine if it is structurally sound. We at Sure Check have designed and inspection all types of foundation and are familiar with typical foundation construction practices in the New York Long Island area.

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